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When it comes to electronic gaming machine part repairs, Intextec’s highly skilled team of electronics engineers are regarded as the best in the business. That, combined with our experience, expertise and hassle-free service, makes us the preferred repair service partner in gaming.

We repair all types of gaming machine parts from all major manufacturers, including:

Mars X


Dualos X
Equinox / SLV

Podium / KP3

A-Star / A700
A600 / A640

Quick and easy, quality part repairs

Gaming machine part repairs are simple, straightforward and stress-free with Intextec. It’s as simple as completing a repair request here and now.
A gaming machine parts specialist will get in touch asap, to provide an estimate or learn more.

From there, you simply send the part to us, we make the necessary repairs and have it back to you in two weeks or less.

Full 90 day warranty on all repairs

All repairs are performed by highly, experienced specialist gaming machine parts engineers.
The quality of their workmanship and precision is second to none and backed by a full 90 day warranty.

While rarely required, should there be a problem you can count on our specialist team to resolve it quickly for you.