Warranty Policy

All products sold are with a warranty unless otherwise stated. If the product is found faulty after delivery, please contact us to arrange the return of the product. Please provide us with the following details when you contact us:
1. Your full name, best contact telephone number, address and most importantly, your email address;
2. Tax Invoice or Order Number;
3. Any relevant serial number(s) for the item; and
4. Reason for return (including any steps we can take to replicate any fault where applicable)
Once we receive the item, Intex Technologies will provide you with a Return Authority (RA) number via email. Our Warranty Team will test your item and may contact you for more information. Depending on the circumstances, we will attempt to repair the item(s). In some circumstances, we may need to refer your item(s) to the manufacturer for further testing and advice.

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods. If it is determined that the product is not faulty and is working as expected, or it is determined that any defect or damage was caused after your took possession the item(s), we will return the product to you at your cost. You will be responsible for any costs associated related to the testing and/or return of the item(s) to you in this instance.
Please note that during the testing process your data may be lost, or damaged, or destroyed. It is your responsibility to backup all of your data and programs before returning the product to us. We will not take any responsibility for any loss of data or installed programs.
All warranties are voided if returned product is found in any way to be mishandled, incorrectly installed, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged or used under wrong voltage etc.

Warranty Turn Around Times

Turnaround time for warranty claims largely depends on the repairtimes, parts availability and manufacturer’s warranty provider. We will try our best to speed up the process but please understand the time involved for a warranty claim will include: our time to test the item, repairing & testing and in some occasions shipping to the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s own test and replacement/repair, and the shipping back to us.
We do not provide an advanced replacement under any circumstances. Please keep this in mind when you place your order.
If you will be using the item(s) for mission-critical tasks, be it running a business, using it to prepare an examination, using it for a pre-organised game party etc, you should ensure the product has a replacement period or consider purchasing it from a provider that offers an instant replacement.
Intex Technologies is not responsible for data contents, or the security of the data contents contained in any returned goods. Our workshop works under strict guidelines, not to interact with any customer data. Despite this, customers should back up any data prior to sending the goods back to us; data can be destroyed during our testing. It is also beyond the scope of our control once the device is sent to our supplier. We do not provide data recovery service.